My Cats

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In Memoriam:

Hector  Deceased  RIP
Age:  unknown

I adopted Hector in April of 08 from a shelter.  He vomited upon my arrival.  The shelter lady assured me he was fine.  We nearly lost him in the days following.  The vet suspected Fatty Liver Disease.  He came back from the brink of death however and is now a bad-ass diabetic cat with dandruff.

Age:  unknown

Fluff literally showed up on our door step . He  was thin and had burrs in his hair.  He drooled when we pet him.  He was starved for love and food.  He worked his way from the porch into the house where he blocks the view of the TV as he digs with his needle claws "making biscuits" in our flesh.  


Age:  unknown

Zeus was adopted with Hector in 08.  It seems weird not to include him even though I fear we will never see him again.  He recently went missing.  I called him Chit Chatterson as he was a very vocal fellow.  I miss him and hold out hope he will be at the door one morning.

Buddy  Deceased RIP
Age:  Two

Buddy belongs to my mother with whom we share 14 acres.  Buddy is the smartest cat in the universe.  He was part of a litter of kittens born to a feral cat that showed up in Mom's backyard.  As you can see he is hardly feral.  Really smart cats know how to end up on the kitchen table looking at their mom and litter-mates from the window.