Who the heck is behind this mess?

My name is Nicky and I live in rural North Texas.  I have had cats since the age of five.  I will always have a cat or two in my life.  I also have a dog, two rats and some fish.  I have had horses, chickens, goats, hermit crabs, a zebra finch and hamsters.  I have had numerous tetanus shots in my life due to an inability to keep my hands off any strange dog or cat within my field of vision.  I also enjoy insects immensely and find them fascinating.  Basically, I enjoy most everything mother nature has to offer.  And I have tried to instill this enjoyment/appreciation in my two children.  In addition to enjoying all creatures great and small, I tend to find humor in nature.  Cats are especially humorous.  I like to think they have a dry wit.  I decided I needed an outlet for my style of humor so I created this little nook on the web.  I hope you enjoy Mew Brew.

My husband took this photo of me.  Isn't it flattering?  All that is missing is a cigarette. And YES!  Those ARE farm fresh eggs in my hand with the Folgers can!