Monday, August 29, 2011

Will Wag for SWAG!

What happens when you come home from a pet-blogging conference with lots of dog treats?  

 Honey thinks SWAG stands for "Succulent Wonders Await Gooddogs".
(God bless her she thinks good dogs is one word.)  

She always brings her naughty delights into my older son's room. 

Either the TidNips were her favorite or the strength of TidNips packaging is inferior.
She ate every morsel.   Luckily the other packages remained intact
thus avoiding massive stomach upset.  I should have known better!


Fluff Shepherds Pies

Nothing gets past the cat who watches over a flock of resting cow patties.  
Fluff knows a dog who likes to roll in them.  This travesty will not happen on his watch. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cats vs. Dogs in an Emergency

Ever wonder what your pet would do if you had fallen and couldn't get up?  I have wondered this myself and created a little "emergency" in my kitchen and documented the results.   I was not surprised.

The Scenario....
I've fallen in the kitchen (Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias-style) while making dinner.

First on the scene?  The dog.  Honey is her name and she is a beautiful, loyal, 
Coonhound mix of about 13 years of age.  

Honey doesn't hesitate to find a phone and attempt a call for help.  She's seen this thing used by her people for 13 years.  How hard can it be?  Good girl! 

A cold rag for the face.  Good call Honey.  Maybe I got overheated in the kitchen.  You can't go wrong with a cold rag and Honey knows it.  Good girl! 

A pillow under the head and feet elevated while she waits for help.  What more could I ask for?  She's better than Life-Alert.  Good DOG!!! (weird how the spoon ended up back in my hand isn't it?)

And then....there are the cats.  

Hector investigates.  It's a slow process.  Anxiety about his next meal sets in.  

Fluff arrives on the scene and is excited about the new "box" on the floor. "For me?", he asks.

Fun with apron strings! 

Making biscuits!  (as I lay dying)

"Listen b*tch!  How the hell long are you going to lay here while I need help opening my food?"

Party on the table!!  Hell yeah!

The worry is exhausting.  Time for a nap.  

And well, that's basically how it would happen at my house. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Paranormal Activity?

A not-so-happy and rather scary accidental photo of Fluff yawning.  Creepy......