Sunday, August 30, 2015

Peaches Ransacks the House

What better way to formally introduce Peaches the Pig and breathe new life into this blog than to share the bit of trouble she apparently had last night while we were away.


 Peaches came to us last Sunday so we have only had a week with her and we are just beginning to grasp the dynamics of pig ownership.  First of all she is a micro-mini potbelly pig and no matter what people tell you, these pigs don't stay that small.  We knew this already and we were prepared to welcome this 80 pound girl into our home and hearts.

She spends her days outside rooting in the grass, lounging in her small kiddie pool, sniffing the air and sleeping in the shade on the porch.  At night she "knocks" on our door with her snout when she is ready to go to bed.  We let her in, and she goes to a pen in our office room where she has many blankets to arrange to her specifications.  She likes to be covered up and when she is out, she is out for the night.  This is how she normally looks at night...
                                 All wrapped up with back legs peeking out.

Last night we had things to do.  We knew we wouldn't be home to let her in when it got dark. Plus it looked like it might rain.  Darryl and the boys went to a game and I went to a dinner and I was the last to leave the house.  I decided to let her in before I left.  I closed the doors to the bedrooms and let her have the main area of the house and access to her room with the blankets.  I left the house at 5:30 and returned at 9:00.

Upon my return I found Peaches had secured several items from around the house and put them in her pen and then went under the rug to sleep.

                          Peaches under the rug with several items around her.

               In addition to her blankets, here we see, my shoes, a cat toy, some
               torn poster board, a pair of Duncan's shorts, a USB cable and  some
               red and white checkered table runner stuff I had from a recent party. 

                Here we have a curtain and curtain rod from a book shelf I have
                in the hallway, some more torn poster board, a pair of earbuds,
                and another cord.  (The towel and green sheet were already there for
                 More poster board, a wooden snake, a garden glove and Brody's 
                 bag for his piano books.  
                 This book about traveling in Texas.

                 These "Do not remove under penalty of law" tags from
                 the futon.

                                             These cords and earbuds.

In addition, I found the laptop on the floor and my desktop tower was on it's side and the monitor was
unplugged from the back of it.  Miraculously everything works except the earbuds and the USB cable.

I don't know if it thundered or if it was scary here?  I had left the TV on for background noise.  We will never know what transpired.  I do wish I could somehow see video of her doing all this.  Especially the removal of the curtain and carrying it from the hall into the room and placing it just right.  I felt saddened by the thought she might have been scared.  I also felt very lucky she didn't electrocute herself or ingest batteries (there were batteries on the floor from a mouse that fell and there was a chewed up pencil).  I let her outside and gave her some cornflakes and cleaned up the mess and tucked her back in where she stayed quietly all night. Things could have been much worse had I not closed the bedroom doors.

I am now planning to create a house for her outside with hay she can arrange.  This is no different really than some dogs.  We had a terrier that did similar things when he was on Predisone for cancer.  Peaches is fine today.  Just peachy.  



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hector's Elimination

Shots from last nights dramatic episode of, Bachelorette.  Hector made it through hometowns only to be eliminated before he could get in Emily's pants errr umm.. the Fantasy Suite.  Poor Hector.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is one of several paintings my mother painted for me one year.  I did a cat and dog version of the museum scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  She recreated all of the artwork from the scene including this version of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks.